Dehydrated Yeast is a co-product that is obtained from its separation from the beer after the fermentation of malt. When the fermentation process is over, the yeast is separated by centrifugation and spray dried.

  • Yeast is considered a protein concentrate dietary supplement, of a high biological value in virtue of its adequate essential amino-acids profile, which makes it an excellent source of proteins as raw materials in the production of pig feed, poultry feed, cattle feed, fish feed and pet food.
  • It constitutes an excellent source of B vitamins, specially Biotin and folic acid.
  • It is high in phosphorus.
  • It features excellent palatability and digestibility.

Supplied in bags of 55.11lb. or bigbags of 1102,31lb. / 2204,62lb.

Animal nutrition. Spent Yeast is used as raw materials in the elaboration of cattle feed, poultry feed, pig feed, fish feed and pet food.

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